Communicating with RIN Core Host

Experience Providers can communicate with host through “orchestrator” parameter provided in factory. Orchestrator is a proxy object to RIN core and has below members:

Name Type Comments
getCurrentLogicalTimeOffset() Method Returns current time offset of player in seconds



Method Returns time relative current experience provider. Params: experienceStreamId: optional param to point to specific experience stream. absoluteLogicalTime: optional absolute time, if not specified, assumed to be current player time.
play(offset, screenPlayId) Method
pause(offset, screenPlayId) Method
getIsMuted() Method
setIsMuted(value) Method
onESEvent(eventId, eventData) Method Call this method from experience provider to send a custom event notification to other experience providers. Standard set of event id are available in rin.contracts.ESEventIds enumeration.
getPlayerState() Method Returns current player state from rin.contracts.PlayerState enumeration.
getIsOnStage() Method Returns bool indicating if the current experience provider is playing on stage.


Method Returns the resolved URL for the given resourceItemId based on current theme and language locale.
getCurrentStateSeekUrl() Method Returns a URL that indicates current seek state of player. This url can be later passed to seekUrl call to restore the state.
seekUrl(seekUrl) Method Navigates to the state as described by the seekUrl.

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